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Caring for your Wild and Woolly

All Wild and Woolly fur phone cases come with an embroidered, protective dustbag.

High quality furs are quite durable and should be treated with common sense.  If the fur becomes flattened (including during shipping), you can lightly steam and brush out the fur.  Do not wash.

Our phone case should be put on by inserting the left side of the phone into the case first, then pressing the right side into the case.  If phones are not properly inserted, some slight wear may occur over prolonged use as our cases are 3-D printed.  This is purely cosmetic and any stringiness can simply be removed.

Because of the semi-flexible material, a small number of phone cases may initially be stiff prior to use and interfere with the buttons on your phone.  To resolve this, you will simply need to leave the case on your phone overnight so your case has a chance to mold to the shape of your phone.