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[wahyld-n-wool-ee] unrestrained, lawless; "a wild and woolly frontier town"


Wild and Woolly was inspired by the earliest days of America and the Wild West.  Our name originates from a phrase that came into use in the 1850s, during a time of outlaws, frontiersmen, fur traders, and explorers, and encapsulates the unrestrained spirit of that lawless, adventure-seeking era.

With all items handmade in the US, furs sourced from premium suppliers—including American Aboriginal communities—and each phone case model named for an American fur trading post, our products honor in particular the heritage of the fur trade in the founding and expansion of America.


Superior quality furs

Our furs are sourced from the highest quality suppliers in Europe and North America, including Finland-based SAGA Furs and a Yup’ik Eskimo village in Western Alaska that uses traditional Aboriginal methods for fur handling.  We offer both ranch-raised and free-range fur options.

Artisan-made in the US

Our underlying 'jelly' cases are protective and specifically designed for use with fur, a process that took 5 months of design iteration and testing by our founder and three industrial designers.  They are individually 3D printed in Brooklyn using semi-flexible filament.  Our furs are cut and assembled by professional fur craftsmen in New York City.  Patent pending.